Tales from a Tirigad #1

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Hello readers, thank you for embarking on this brief journey through the unsettled sea that is my mind.

Allow me to preface this piece with the following: All of us who are part of WeARGames are weird motherfuckers. Undeniably. We do not see this as a deficit, but rather a benefit, as we use the combined force of our unique minds as a force of great creation and storytelling. Not every idea is a winner, but damn, we’re proud of many of them.

Alas, the reason why I am typing this up at 2:30 in the morning is not to brag about our creative efforts or potential clinical insanity, but instead to talk about change and chances. We have a few things that are important to us. Pillars of our philosophy, you might say. We will always strive to be accepting and understanding, we will always try to make our projects as accessible and enjoyable as we can, and we will always try to be unique and create things we haven’t quite seen before. It is the last pillar particularly that I would like to explore, and along with it explore the topics I have previously mentioned: change and chances.

We take risks, and do weird things. Obviously, not everyone will love every project we make. Shit, we don’t love every project we make, but the most important thing is that we went out and did it. That we tried.

Regardless, when you do things that are out of the norm, even by the standards of the fairly abnormal parts of the web we frequent and rely on, people don’t always like it. Humans are generally adverse to change, so one thing that works gets copied and redone until it has been in existence for long enough, and in enough forms, that it stagnates and becomes boring. We don’t want that to happen with our work, so we run wild experiments with various formats, platforms, and ideas.

Like most anything, this is not an absolute scale, leaning to one side. Many love our methods and enjoy our games, but many disapprove of our unorthodox tactics all the same, and that’s just fine. I’ve learned first-hand that the most important thing is that you give it a chance.

I sat down very early in the morning back in March of 2018, and I wrote three little words- “Magically, A Snake”, and damn am I glad I did. Glad I gave it a chance, and glad sixty or so other people did as well.

Just remember, if you see something that piques your interest, give it a shot. Get a taste for yourself, you might just like it. And if not… Keep an eye out. We’re always innovating.

Much love to you all,

Tirigad P. Cross

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